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SRV National Defence Minister welcomes and holds talks with Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and Vietnamese Minister of National Defence Gen.Ngo Xuan Lich inspect the Guard of Honour.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and General Director Maj. Gen. Nguyen Thanh Nam of Viettel Company exchange emblems and gifts.

Nay Pyi Taw March 7

National Defence Minister Gen. Ngo Xuan Lich of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam-SRV accorded a guard-of-honour welcome to Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing who is on a goodwill visit to the country at the minister’s invitation at 9 am local standard time yesterday.

On arrival at the Ministry of Defence, the Senior General and goodwill delegation were welcomed by Gen. Ngo Xuan Lich and officials. After taking the salute of the Guard of Honour, the Senior General and the Vietnamese minister inspected it. After introducing the senior military officers of the both sides attending the ceremony to the Senior General and the Vietnamese minister in turn, documentary photos were taken.

Present at the ceremony together with the Senior General were Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) General Mya Tun Oo, senior military officers, Ambassador U Kyaw Soe Win and Military Attaché Col Aung Kyaw Oo. The Vietnamese  minister was accompanied by the deputy minister, Chief of Staff Lt-Gen. Phan Van Giang and senior military officers. The Senior General and the Vietnamese minister held talks at International Talk Room of the ministry.

At the meeting, the Senior General said the two countries had had diplomatic relations since the period when Myanmar was not an independent country. Military diplomatic relations were established in 1976. The two countries have similarities in religion and culture, and since the time of Vietnamese national leader Ho Chi Minh, leaders of the two countries have been enjoying the brotherly friendship. In the military sector also, the relations between the two armed forces have been cemented since the time of Commander-in- Chief General Ne Win. The new generation leaders are also continuing to further promote the amicability and cooperation and there has been the exchange of visits between the heads of State and between the military leaders. The Senior General said a goodwill Tatmadaw delegation led by himself paid a visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2011. Myanmar is dealing with the international community in an amiable and friendly manner in line with the five principles of peaceful coexistence. It is also improving the relations with the neighbouring countries. Mutual cooperation with those neighbours based on sincerity and goodwill contributes much towards state peace and stability. For global countries, their amicable relations based on trust can make the whole world peaceful and pleasant. This goodwill visit will further promote the friendship and cooperation between the two countries as well as the two armed forces. There will be continued cooperation in various sectors for the regional development.

Next, the National Defence Minister said Myanmar and Vietnam have been the friendly nations since ancient times. Under its policy, Vietnam has been friendly dealing with all the world countries. 

In doing so, it is following the international laws. Efforts are being made to promote both bilateral and international cooperation. Mutual trust plays a major role in such cooperation. Vietnam will not interfere in internal affairs of other countries. It will not invade other countries at all. The Minister said he supported the efforts of Myanmar’s government and military for its reform process. The bilateral relations and cooperation will be further promoted.

Next, both sides cordially discussed exchange of visits between the two armed forces not only at the leader level but also at other different levels, holding meetings on defence and security measures, promotion of cooperation in training affairs including linguistic courses, enhancement of cooperation in medical seminars, promotion of cooperation in sports sector including football, volleyball and shooting events, cooperation in information and technology, and prevention of terrorism. They also held talks about undertaking the enhancement of cooperation in communication tasks between Myanmar Economic Corporation and Viettel Company as part of business cooperation between the two armed forces, and participation of the Tatmadaw in uplifting the  communications sector of Myanmar.

With regard to the violent issues, the Senior General clarified the occurrence of situations to violently threatening Rakhine region in the western part of Myanmar. The Senior General explained number of Bengalis who were brought by British entering the western part of Myanmar to work as farming workers in the colonial era before regaining Independence, the burst of their population due to Bengalis’ marriage system, high giving birth rate and further illegal entering of Bengalis, the demand of Bengalis to legalize them as Rohingya race as well as an ethnic, undergoing the scrutinizing processes in line with the Myanmar Citizenship Law, the violent attacks of terrorists from those Bengalis with excessive force at the Border Guard Police Force Headquarters and outposts in October 2016, assistance being provided by extreme Islamic terrorist organizations to those terrorists, and the important role of cooperation among the ASEAN countries. After the meeting, the Senior General and the Vietnamese Minister of National Defence exchanged the commemorative emblems.

Then, the signing ceremony of a technology and management agreement between Myanmar National Tele & Communications Co Ltd (MNTC) and Viettel Global Investment JSC followed. Chairman of MNTC U Khin Maung Soe and General Director Maj. Gen. Nguyen Manh Hung of Viettel Group signed the agreement and exchanged notes.

Next, the Senior General and General Director Maj. Gen. Nguyen Thanh Nam of Viettel Global Investment JSC exchanged the commemorative emblems and gifts. Thanks to signing the agreement, technology and management tasks will be carried out at full capacity by meeting international standards in implementing the processes of fourth operator (Mytel).

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