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Tatmadaw columns retrieve MNDAA-seized Point 2145, MNDAA insurgents attack Laukkai

Documentary photos show capturing Point-2145,arms and ammunition and other seizures.

Nay Pyi Taw March 7

Insurgents of Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army- MNDAA led by Pheung Kya-shin and Pheung Tar-shwin launched a surprise raid against the selfadministered zone government in Laukkai, local people, and Tatmadaw battalions and units during the period from 9 February to 18 April 2015 with the intention of setting up a liberated area. However, thanks to the collective efforts of Tatmadaw columns, the government and local people, they fl ed to border areas, and since then Laukkai has been under control to restore peace and stability.

MNDAA insurgents were still plotting to make Laukkai region their liberated area. So they formed the Northern Alliance to seize Mongkoe region, and if they got Mongkoe region their plot was to use it as the base in entering Laukkai region. However, because of relentless gallantry of hard-trained and seasoned Tatmadaw members who bravely charged against and struck and crushed the enemy and they fl ed and hid in the areas at the border.

Due to every failed attempt, MNDAA had tried again to create a strong base surrounded by concrete and wood bunkers and communication channels at Point-2145 estimated map reference (MG-717557) since early January 2017 by taking advantage of ground areas and closeness to the border between the two countries, according to ground/ air intelligence reports.

Tatmadaw columns started a step-by-step approach to attack the MNDAA insurgent groups taking stronghold the valley of Point-2145 on 19 January 2017. Up to 11 February, 56 waves of small and large clashes occurred, and reinforcement and administrative measures had to be taken to confront and control the enemy around estimated map reference (MG-717562).

The MNDAA insurgents simultaneously attacked a total of seven places—Yanlonkyaing police station estimated map reference (MG-813266), Yanlonkyaing army camp estimated map reference (MG-808268), Border Post BP (125) Junction estimated map reference (MG-815221), BP (127) Junction estimated map reference (MG- 799192), Shwehsin Roundabout estimated map reference (MG- 784214), Kokang Self-Administered Zone leading body member U Wai Hsan’s house estimated map reference (MG-778208) and estimated map reference (MG- 813197) near BP (127)—at about 2 am on 6 March 2017 with intent to attack Laukkai region again and to divert the attention of Tatmadaw columns at Point-2145. Due to the unexpected counter attacks by the Tatmadaw military columns and members of the border guard force, the exchange of fi re continues at five places including Yanlonkyaing estimated map reference (MG- 813266). Their attempt to capture Laukkai has failed. 

At the same time, the Tatmadaw military columns near Point-2145 attacked insurgents in close range with cannons, armoured vehicles and heavy weapons by infantry unit. The Tatmadaw could capture Point-2145 at around 12.10 pm, estimated map reference (MG- 717555) at around 2.30 pm and estimated map reference MG-717553 at around 4 pm. The Tatmadaw is carrying out clearance operations there.

In the Laukkai attack, the Tatmadaw could seize 20 burnt bodies of the insurgent group, 13 kinds of weapons including two RPGs and related ammunition. In the Point-2145 fighting, the Tatmadaw could seize six remains of the MNDAA insurgent group and six small and big weapons. There were reported deaths and injuries of some officers and other ranks of the Tatmadaw. Due to the attacks by the MNDAA insurgent group, many innocent civilian people including primary teacher Daw Pyar Hmi from Basic Education Primary School (Laungaechi), were reportedly dead and injured. According to the initial investigation, the attacks may include other combined forces together with the MNDAA insurgent group. Five members of Kokang traffic police and five people died and four members of Kokang traffic police were taken away as hostages.

With regard to the incidents, the government and the Tatmadaw offered MNDAA, TNLA and AA insurgents will be allowed to directly participate in political dialogues by attending the Union Peace Conference without necessary to sign the NCA if they release the announcement to abandon the armed struggle line. However, attempts of those groups appear to undermine sovereignty of the State and cause panic of the people and stability through various ways and means. It is found that restoring of peace through peace and stability for ensuring eternal peace will be far from the goal.

However, the government and the Tatmadaw in a patient manner will continue necessary arrangements for armed ethnic groups which are non-signatories to the NCA and insurgent groups by upholding the Six Peace Principles of the Tatmadaw until eternal peace can be achieved through the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement- NCA, according to a press release issued by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.

The Myawady Daily

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