Saturday, March 18, 2017

MNDAA insurgents launch harassing attacks on Laukkai with artillery firing

Photos show damages due to the attacks of MNDAA in Laukkai

Nay Pyi Taw March 19

Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) troops conducted a harassing attack on Laukkai, firing 10 shells of supposedly 107mm rockets between 7.50 pm and around 10 pm from the point between BP- 126 and BP-127 on the border on 17 March. Before this, MNDAA had suffered serious casualties and heavy loss of weapons after Tatmadaw troops’ attacks and re-control of Point-1176 Hill on 8 March, Point-1269 Hill on 15 March, Point-1052 Hill on 16 March and Point-1088 Hill on 17 March, which were taken control by MNDAA since 6 March, 2017. So, they made the harassing attack with the intention of holding back the major offensives by Tatmadaw troops and destroying the life and property of innocent civilians in and around Laukkai.

Of 10 shells, one shell fell near Nali Village, four near Htin Pa Kyaing Village, two near the forest at the foot of Maha Myat Muni Pagoda Hill in Laukkai, and three near the housing for warveterans. An uninhi-bited house in the war-veteran housing was hit and damaged by shelling, but no other places were damaged.

Tatmadaw columns returned artillery fire to MNDAA troops with restrictions and accuracy to ensure those shells do not fell beyond the border.

The Myawady Daily


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