Sunday, June 11, 2017

Search and recuse operations for crashed plane continue as weather is fine, more bodies found

Navy vessels carrying out search and rescue operations at the sea.

Tatmadawmen distributing food and meals to locals who participate in search and rescue operations.

Nay Pyi Taw June 12

Search and recuse operations for the crashed military transport plane continued with Navy vessels from the Tatmadaw (Navy), flights and helicopters from the Tatmadaw (Air), ground military units, locals and fishing vessels as the weather condition was moderately fine this morning near the plane crashed site.

Until 4 pm yesterday, 26 more bodies were salvaged—eight male bodies, one child body,one unidentified body along Maungmakan beach by ground military units and locals; four male bodies and two female bodies near Launglon Boke Island by two Navy vessels; and ten male bodies by local fishing vessels. So far, a total of 59 bodies has been retrieved—26 male bodies including three bodies of military officers and two bodies of other ranks, 23 female bodies, nine children bodies and one unidentified body. The Tatmadaw is carrying out search and recuse operations there based on the weather conditions. Yesterday, search and recuse operations for the crashed military transport plane Y-8 were closely supervised by the Chief of Staff (Navy) at Sanlan village and the Chief of Staff (Air) by helicopter.

Moreover, families of local military unit,departmental personnel and non-governmental organizations cooked foods, meals and foodstuffs for local people who are carrying out search and rescue operations and supplied them.

Bodies found in the sea were sent to the Tatmadaw Hospital in Dawei, and medical examinations were performed there. And, bereaved families inspected the bodies. Till yesterday, a total of 27 bodies have been identified. Medical inspections are being conducted at 32 remaining bodies by medical experts and inspections carried out by officials and families concerned for identification. This morning, four bodies which could be identified and approved by the bereaved families were well cremated in line with the Buddhist tradition and procedures of the Tatmadaw.So far, a total of 23 bodies have been cremated.


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