Thursday, June 8, 2017

Parts of missing Tatmadaw welfare transport plane Y-8 and dead bodies found, bodies transported

Tatmadawmen and volunteers carrying out search and rescue tasks for missing transport plane Y-8. 

Tatmadawmen conveying dead body from missing transport plane Y-8.

Nay Pyi Taw June 9

As navy vessels of Tatmadaw (Navy), airplanes and helicopters of Tatmadaw (Air) and ground military units cooperated with local people and local vessels in carrying out search and rescue tasks for the missing Tatmadaw welfare transport plane Y-8 which lost connection in the afternoon of 7 June, they found some parts of the Tatmadaw welfare transport plane Y-8 and some dead bodies in the sea, 14 miles west of Kyauknimaw Village and 22 miles southwest of Launglon at 8.18 am yesterday morning.

A speed combat vessel which was carrying out research and rescue tasks started salvaging one wheel of the transport plane, one man dead body, one woman body, one child body, two lifejackets and some bags with clothes at the place and went on the research and rescue tasks in cooperation with navy vessels of Tatmadaw (Navy) and local trawlers nearby area.

Till 7 pm yesterday, they salvaged two men dead bodies, 21 women bodies and eight children bodies, totalling 31, and parts of the transport plane one wheel of the plane, lifejackets and some bags. Navy vessels of Tatmadaw (Navy), local fishing boats including 20 trawlers from Pyae Phyo Tun Company, Htoo Htoo Toe Company and Khaing Zin Yaw Company, local people, departmental organizations and social organizations are participating in the search and rescue tasks.

A total of 29 dead bodies salvaged from the sea on board Tatmadaw navy vessels arrived in Sanlan Village in Launglon Township at 5 pm. After that, these bodies were sent to the Tatmadaw Hospital in Dawei by car at 6.45 pm. At the hospital, medical inspections are being performed on the bodies.


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