Monday, June 19, 2017

Technology and techniques required in building modern nation and Tatmadaw

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officer trainees of the Tatmadaw at Moscow Power Engineering Institute-MPEI.

Nay Pyi Taw June 20

The study of technology and techniques depends on interest and efforts. Scholars are being sent as the building of a modern nation and a modern Tatmadaw needs technology and techniques, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at his meeting with Tatmadaw officers pursuing education at the various universities in the Russian Federation at Moscow Power Engineering Institute-MPEI in Moscow yesterday.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing who was on a goodwill visit in the Russian Federation, accompanied by Lt-Gen Soe Htut of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and officials, arrived at MPEI at 4.20 pm local standard time (7.50 pm Myanmar standard time) yesterday, and was welcomed by an official of MPEI and officer trainees.

In his speech, the Senior General said the curriculum includes science, computer and engineering. The trainees need to learn their lessons till they become skillful in applying their knowledge effectively in the practical field. Universities mainly focused on the study field. Respective subjects opened a door to deep thoughts. So students need to study their specialized subjects extensively. The country and the Tatmadaw have many fields to which the subjects can be applied. High education standards of the Tatmadawmen would contribute a lot to building up a standard army. So, special emphasis was placed on the plan to promote education standards of the Tatmadawmen, the Senior General said.

Afterwards, every Tatmadawman should be equipped with three capabilities in order to build a standard army. The Tatmadawmen were to be proficient in their respective fields according to their ranks. The subjects the trainee officers were learning were crucial for building up of the country and the Tatmadaw. In addition, Tatmadawmen should not turn a blind eye to arts and science subjects. These subjects helped them in solving the problems they face when playing their leadership roles. When becoming an army leader, he should have a thorough understanding of history and geography as well as military history and military geography.

Every country in the world was making all-out efforts to promote the capability of their armies. Continual pre-planning for the country’s defence should be done. The Tatmadaw’s aim to build up a standard army was gaining achievements as officers and other ranks performed their works dutifully. Officer trainees must try hard to apply techniques from their learning to carry out development tasks when they arrive back the country. They need to make efficient studies and always try their best by spending time, money and efforts. The Senior General stressed the need to avoid indulgence not only for themselves but also for subordinates and take care of personal health with correct living style.

Then, the Senior General said that the present Myanmar is on the path of multi-party democracy the people choose and the Tatmadaw will not derail from such way. The Tatmadaw participates in various sectors in order to contribute towards the government. It can be seen that the current constitution is based on the federal system. Executive, legislative and judicial powers are shared among regions and states. Peace process is being carried out in patience. It needs to give consideration to the ethnics. The Senior General stressed the need to avoid the suspicious issues as much as possible. The country must have only one Tatmadaw. The Tatmadaw adopted six peace principles for carrying out peace process.

After the meeting, the Senior General presented foodstuffs and cash to the scholarship officers and cordially greeted them.


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