Saturday, June 17, 2017

Senior General hears report on search and rescue operations

Nay Pyi Taw June 17

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief(Air) General Khin Aung Myint,senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and the commander of the Coastal Region Command, arrived at the parlour of the regional battalion in Dawei at 11 am yesterday and at the meeting hall, they heard reports by officials on the search and rescue operations.

First, the deputy commander of the Coastal Region Command reported on the search and rescue efforts by ground military troops,military vessels from the Tatmadaw(Navy) and airplanes and helicopters from the Tatmadaw (Air) since the Tatmadaw transport plane Y-8 crashed at 3 pm on 7 June, cooperation of local people and fishing trawlers, day-to-day search and rescue operations, finding of dead bodies from the crashed plane,transport of the bodies to Dawei Tatmadaw Hospital for medical inspection and identification by their bereaved families and relatives,cremation of the identified bodies in accord with the military procedures and Buddhist tradition and distribution of bottled water and packed meals to the fishing trawlers,social organizations and local people participating in the operations.

Next, the Chief of Staff (Navy) reported on the launch of search and rescue operations with all available military vessels as soon as the news was received, sending of additional ships, cooperation of local fishing trawlers, finding and salvaging of the dead bodies and sending of them to Dawei with the help of the residents from Sanlan Village, military vessels’ search for the crashed plane with use of sonar system, soldiers’ diving into sea to search at suspicious places, according to the sounds and images caught by the sonar, the dragging of fishing nets by the local fishing trawlers,finding of the dead bodies and personal belongings from the crashed plane and the tail of the plane and continued search and rescue operations with the use of aid equipment.

Then, the Chief of Staff (Air) reported on the search and rescue operations with the use of aircraft and helicopters since 7 June, changes in route depending on the climate, cooperation with ground military troops and ships and interviewing of the locals who witnessed the plane crash.

In response to the reports, the Senior General left instructions on making of systematic record of ground military troops searching along the beach together with maps,seeking of cooperation with local people, systematic salvage of the plane debris found under water without causing damage, efforts for finding all parts of the plane and all the dead bodies and ensuring safety in the operations


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