Monday, June 12, 2017

Search and rescue operations for the crashed plane continue, more bodies found

Tatmadawmen carrying out search and rescue operations.

Photo shows an areial view of Navy vessel in search and rescue operations.

Nay Pyi Taw June 13

In the morning of June 12, the height of sea wave was 2.5 meters and the wind speed per hour was between 15 miles and 20 miles. Search and rescue operations for the crashed military transport plane Y-8 were intensified as the height of sea wave was just 1.5 meters and the wind speed per hour was between five miles and ten miles in the area of search and rescue operations. A total of 24 more bodies were found today—17 bodies in the morning and seven in the evening. So far, a total of 83 bodies have been salvaged. Search operations for the crashed plane are being carried out by sonar-installed military vessels from the Tatmadaw (Navy) and divers.

Yesterday, 24 more bodies were discovered — nine male bodies, four female bodies, two children bodies and three unidentified bodies along Maungmakan-Mayingyi beach by ground military units and locals; and three male bodies, one female body, one child body and one unidentified body by military vessels and local fishing vessels.

A total of 83 bodies found were 38 male bodies, 28 female bodies, 15 children bodies and two unidentified bodies.

Till yesterday, the bodies salvaged from the sea were sent to the Tatmadaw Hospital in Dawei where these dead bodies are under necessary medical inspection and the inspections of bereaved families. Up to now, a total of 15 male bodies including four bodies of Tatmadaw officers and nine bodies of other ranks, 16 female bodies and four children bodies, totalling 35, have been identified. As 12 more bodies identified and approved by the bereaved families were well cremated in line with the Buddhist tradition and procedures of the Tatmadaw today, cremation of number of bodies reached 35 in total.


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