Tuesday, May 2, 2017

International markets offer to purchase Myanmar’s fruits, vegetables and flowers

Fruit and vegetables displayed at a cold storage market

Yangon May 3

International markets are offering to buy Myanmar’s fruits, vegetables and flowers, according to sources from the Ministry of Commerce and local markets.

Myanmar both exports and imports those products, but now more global markets have offered to purchase them. Currently, Singapore is importing vegetables from Myanmar.Meanwhile, Japan has proposed to buy flowers.

There has been a hope of success in exporting flowers to Singapore from where cold storage markets are placing orders for green products from Myanmar.

Beginning from earlier March this year, Myanmar has been exporting various fruits and vegetables such as okra, lady fingers, cucumber, peas and chili. When the export market of those produces started, only about one ton was exported and the amount has now reached about three tons.

A Japanese company which has offered to buy flowers of Myanmar’s origin will reportedly practise a business to business system. The offer was made last month. The company will send its officials to Myanmar to see samples of flowers they want to buy. Packaging will be based on bilateral technology and the products will be transported via air route.

Previously, Japan imported Myanmar’s gladiolus but stopped due to technological needs and difficult transport. In Singapore 15 cold storage markets in the neighbourhoods mostly populated by Myanmar citizens are purchasing the country’s fruits and vegetables.


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