Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Terrorist training sites found on Mayu mountain ridge in Buthidaung-Maungtaw region

A hut seen in combing the region by security troops.

Photo shows a tunnel combed by security troops.

Nay Pyi Taw June 22

While the security forces acting on information that terrorism courses were conducted on Mayu mountain ridge in Buthidaung-Maungtaw region were launching area clearance operation yesterday, they captured a knife-attacker dead and also seized guns, tents/warehouse, food rations,and other utilities in a tunnel.

Security forces received information about the summoning of villagers at night to attend terrorist courses on Mayu mountain ridge in Buthidaung-Maungtaw region, and they conducted area clearance operation yesterday morning. During the area clearance operations the security forces found suspicious footpaths.So, they made a search around the area found two one-foot long local-made guns,one 9mm bullet, a 20-foot by 10-foot hut, a 40-foot by 10-foot hut, a 40-foot by 30-foot hut, a 20-foot by 10-foot hut, totaling five huts for human accommodation, a package containing 50 tickles of brown gelignite, a package containing about one viss of black gunpowder, five bags of rice, a bag of onion,one viss of potato, 20 units of wooden guns, five chopping hoes, five spades, three pickaxes, two coils of yellow wire (about 400 feet long), two coils of twisted wires (about 20 feet long), one Bushnell binoculars,six cotton blankets, 45 menswear, 45 units of longyis, 20 units of womenswear and 20 units of black hood.

While continuing their area clearance operation, the security forces found a manmade tunnel five feet wide, four feet high and 80 feet long near the hut. When they entered it, a man about 35 years old attacked them with a one foot and six inches long sword.A member of the security force shot him dead in defence.

When the security forces conducted area clearance operation in the tunnel at 3.15 pm today, a terrorist wearing a black hood suddenly appeared from his hiding place and attacked them. The security forces have to shoot him back, and he died on the spot.When they reached the end point of the cave, one of them stumbled on the head of a terrorist who covered his body with earth.As the terrorist tried to attack them, they shot him dead.

In connection with the case, security forces are continuing area clearance operation.

Clandestine terrorist acts are being committed turning a blind eye to the State’s efforts to ensure community peace and tranquility, the rule of law and peaceful living conditions of the people in Maungtaw region.

Four people including Gu Mu Shu, 19,who attended the terrorism course in Maunggyitaung Village were arrested together with 13 home-made guns and accessories in the afternoon on 4 January 2017; terrorist trainee Mawlawi Adulamein together with four huts and personal goods in the valley near Tinmay Village in Buthidaung Township on 7 March;gunpowder, sulphur and accessories used for home-made mine and personal goods after an explosion occurred at the edge of the jungle in the north to Theni Village, Buthidaung Township on 4 May killing two including Noe Ar Laung, 25; three home-made guns with 1.5 feet in length and bullets from Mahmud Shaw Phi’s house compound in Thawunchaung Village in Maungtaw on 26 May morning; and one payslip proving that 20 people had been paid their salaries on 1 May. On 29 May also, two masked persons including Adu Raman, 27, who completed a terrorism course, were arrested when they were hiding in the bushes near Layyinkwin Village and Layyinkwin Creek in Maungtaw Township on 29 May. After investigation, it was known that 12 people including the leader of a radical religious group were attempting to murder a head of ten-house group and head of 100-house group. They were giving military training and teaching martial art at the house of Gyaw Di Husaung, who lived in the same village. Moreover, they organized the villagers to join the terrorism course. The hard-core young villagers received a five-month training and each of them was paid Ks-200,000 monthly. Course instructor Harbad Martarlar was financially backed by some foreign countries. Forty walkie-talkies and accessories were seized from a home in North Chaung Kula Village on 31 May and Kardilhusaung, 30, who completed the terrorism course, was arrested at Thaykan Village in Buthidaung Township on 15 June and questioned.

After investigation, it was known that he was prisoned for seven years for involvement in a robbery of the house of Di Mamauk,chairman of Latwedatpyinshay Village in December 2012. He was released from Buthidaung Prison on 2 October 2016. A group of five persons including Noramauk, son of Aliabaw from Kyaukhlapyin Village and himself together with other persons totalling about 100 attended the terrorism course on the 200-square-foot ground in front of about 110 feet wide tunnel dug at the middle of hillside on the back of Mount Meru from 2 April to 14 May 2017. Mawlawi Illias as trainer from Handet Village of Maungtaw Township gave training on Karatedo attacks and shooting of small arms (with the use of sticks instead of guns) to about 100 trainees.The training session lasted from 6 am to 9 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm. At the concluding ceremony, the trainees took oath to keep secret over terrorist course by holding the Koran. 

Mawlawi Illias instructed them to move in the jungle and continue further course in Bangladesh. As a group of five persons including Mawlawi Illias asked permission to visit families in the village,they were ordered to recruit new members from the village and take Ks-50,000 each on their return. While in the village, they persuaded youths to attend the terrorist course but they were arrested without having recruits.

The security troops, acting on a tip-off,combed Kyungaung Village at about 1 am on 20 June. The troops arrested financial in-charge of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army-ARSA Mawlawi Jiraburahman at his home and put him under investigation.Reportedly, Aqua Mul Mujahidin-AMM committed the terrorist attacks in October 2016. Moreover, there was Rohingya National Security Committee-RNSA. Both groups were combined as Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army-ARSA as of 15 March 2017.Military In-charge is Havitdhuha from Aqua Mul Mujahidin-AMM.

They killed 34 innocent people including heads of 10-house group and 100-house group of villages and the librarian in various ways and means and arrested and took 22 innocent people with the aim of controlling Maungtaw region with threatening through terrorist acts.

Credit-State Counsellor Office Information Committee


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