Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tail of the crashed plane Y-8 with FDR-Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) and CVR-Cockpit Voice Recorder recovered

Tail of crashed plane being raised on to the vessel.

Photo shows salvaged tail section of Tatmadaw transport plane Y-8.

Nay Pyi Taw June 19

While continued search and rescue operations for the crashed military transport plane Y-8 were under way, some parts of the crashed plane were found near the site where the tail of the crashed plane with No. 5820 was spotted on June 15. Some parts were raised on to the vessel at 1.30 pm yesterday. Similarly, the tail of the plane was lifted onto the vessel at 3.30 pm, using floating balloons. The tail includes FDR - Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) and CVR - Cockpit Voice Recorder. An investigation into the cause of the plane crash is going on. Continued searches for the remaining parts of the plane are being jointly conducted by military vessels from the Tatmadaw (Navy), local fishing vessels and skilled soldier divers.

So far, the bodies of 92 people who were killed in the plane crash have been found as one more male body was found along with the salvage of the plane tail yesterday.


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