Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Price of shrimp paste up in domestic market due to high demand of China, Thailand

Blocks of shrimp paste seen at wholesale market.

Yangon June 27

Taking a break in fishery sector in the monsoon season, lesser amount of catching marine creatures and high demand of foreign customers pull up the prices of shrimp paste, said fishermen from the beach of Bogale Township.

Fishermen from delta area in Ayeyawady Region and those from the maritime fishery businesses suspend their operation in the rainy season and resume their tasks in September and October yearly. Due to taking a break of industry, production of shrimp paste, dried fish and dried prawn decline but their prices go up.

This year, high demand for shrimp paste comes from China and Thailand. As such, prices of shrimp paste are on the increase at the domestic market. Shrimp paste was sold at K350-K500 per viss last monsoon compared K1,000-K3,000 per viss this monsoon while price of shrimp paste reaches K3,000-K4,000 per viss in the upper Myanmar market. 

Dried fish and prawn can be supplied from prawn farms. So, volume of catching fish and prawn at the sea is on the decrease due to practising no-fishing season in the rainy season.


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